A salute to life

A salute to life

I love to drive on the roads on teacher’s day. A day to remember all those angels who made a lot of difference to our lives, especially in our growing years. 

It’s a pleasure watching little children holding stalks of roses and other flowers and a few with gifts too. Children always want to be the favourite with teachers. They have their preferred teachers too. They love running errands for their teachers as well as getting a pat on their cute little heads.

A mother is the first teacher and of course, is closely followed by the father. Their behaviour, attitude, thoughts and beliefs automatically get imbibed by the child. It is by no means an exaggeration that good citizens are shaped by their families. A drive to sensitize citizens to various problems plaguing our society should focus on families, especially mothers who can teach her little ones the right way of life. The solution to many social evils like rape, corruption, dowry death etc lies in how well a mother brings up her brood and the values she instills in them. No wonder a saying goes ‘A man who treats his wife like a princess has grown up in the arms of a queen!’

The immediate family, neighbours and slowly the educational institutes and mainly the society start teaching a lot of things to the child. The lessons can be bitter or sweet or as in most cases, a mixture of both. It depends on an individual’s resilience and a will to learn from all lessons and thrive. It is sad indeed, to see young ones ending lives as they are unable to handle stress and strain, which is just another chapter in the syllabus of life. Survival of the fittest ensures that such children transform into strong adults.

During this transition, many adults break away from the lessons learnt and create their own identity. As long as this new teacher called ‘change’ is leading them on the right path, things are fine. A young bright lad attempting to learn pottery may not find much encouragement but this itself can teach him to remain steady in their commitment to their dreams. A young girl intent on serving the less fortunate may have to listen to many lessons on how to be practical and concentrate on self, but she has to learn on her own to stand her ground, however slippery it maybe in the beginning. These lessons make them strong as well as create strong bases for the society.

Life continues teaching people many lessons as long as they are alive. There is no option for an individual but to flow putting up a brave face and a philosophical attitude. There is no dearth of teachers and of new chapters unfolding.  Life is a tough teacher and gives exams without covering many topics and diverging on many different roads with a syllabus of its own. Learning and coping with its vicissitudes is a lesson in itself. As a recent sms said ‘A person changes when he has learnt enough or has been hurt enough!’  This change is the key to a successful learning of life’s lessons.