Strut it like a style bird

Strut it like a style bird

Strut it like a style bird

Looking like an electric blue macaw, shocking green parakeet, and bright orange flamingo has never been more fashionable and it’s quite the eye-popping trend right now, checks out Nikitha Satish.

See that bright bird? Imagine it radiating an illuminating effluence. Now go get that effluence onto your apparels... Say hello to the latest neon trend! Flashy and eye-catching, neon is perhaps the most daring trend this season. A look at what the celebrities are wearing and one cannot just pass this bright trend without a second look! Neon is rocking this season with bright clothes, accessories, footwear, makeup as well as ethnic wear.

Actually, neon isn’t a newbie in the style spotlight - it’s just another retro comeback... This classic trend has made a modern return in quite an eye-popping fashion. The ‘80s was a melange of bright colours with fluorescent yellow, hot pink, lime green, and electrified blue. And then, yet again it entered the Bollywood’s screen in the late ‘90s with the evergreen triangle love drama Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. The movie flaunted a lot of bright neons, primarily in yellow, green, and orange.

Neon’s 2013 comeback has simply added on some more colours to the list, mostly inspired by the plumages of certain colourful birds. Parakeet green or yellow, macaw blue, and flamingo orange or pink are the hottest colours ever, albeit with an eye-catching electric glow in this neon trend.

Be it clutches, handbags, earrings, necklaces, slippers, pants, skirts, tops, jackets, dresses, or even cosmetics, having one in a neon colour has become a wardrobe essential. Afterall, everybody wants to catch others eyes and what better than neon colours, right?

 Celebrities have endorsed this neon fashion in various ways. From western hotties like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kadarshian, and Victoria Beckham, to our very own Bollywood beauties Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Vidya Balan, the neon craze has caught up like wildfire.

 And in the recent months, neon trend has crept its way into red carpet events and item numbers alike. Kim Kadarshian and Eva Longoria Parker rocked in their neon pink jackets, while Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan chose to grab eyes with neon green sarees, at red carpet events. Kareena Kapoor on the other hand looked a feast in the neon yellow choli and skirt for her item number Halkat Jawaani. Indeed, this neon trend is quite a catchy and fiesty one, make no bones about that.

While one may choose to flaunt it with a neon green saree border and clutch, the other might go for a neon blue dress, colour blocked with neon green heeled-slippers. Some like it subdued and choose neon pink or purple necklaces, and some others go for neon green or blue eye shadow even! For the best news is... Irrespective of your style type - subdued or bold, irrespective of your skin tone - dark, wheatish, or fair, neon colours can add the zing to your fashion quotient, provided you have the know-how. So just ensure your wardrobe is well-stocked with different neon-coloured accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, clutches, handbags, and don’t forget - high heels.

The thing with neon is you can make a pop statement with just a small accessory or go bold with a neon top or even a saree. Just remember never to wear too many neon accessories or layers of clothing. Even a bright neon-coloured

eyeliner and a neon clutch can grab eyes, so you don’t really need to have an
entire dress in neon colour that screams “Look at me!”. As long as you look as electric as a bright bird and not like an electrocuted one, you’ll do just fine...

Ten ways to adorn neon trend this season:

* Start small: Work the trend in small ways at first. Wear a bright neon neckpiece with your old white shirt.

*  Get it right: If you love the trend and want to pick up an outfit in neon then make sure it complements your skin tone and your personality.

*  Balance: Pair your neon top with solid colour or a simple print bottom to balance the brightness.

*  Neutral: Team your neons with neutrals. Wear your neon coloured tank top with a crisp white or black jacket.

*  Makeup: If you like to experiment with makeup, then don’t hesitate from trying bright lipsticks and eyeshadows.

*  Nailpaint: Bright neon nails suit almost everyone. Try it and brighten up your outfit.

*  Desi neons: Work the neons desi style. Neon coloured suits and sarees are a rage.
n  Formal: Wear shirts with neon hints in cuffs and collar, or keep it simple with a thin neon belt on formals.

*Hello neon: For those who love to flaunt their gadgets, bright neon coloured cases and covers can do the trick.

*  Heels: Colour block neon blue dress by pairing it with neon green slippers and clutch.

(The writer is a fashion designer)

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