In the lap of luxury

In the lap of luxury

In the lap of luxury

Great music, good food and luxury came together to make the perfect afternoon at the ‘Sanctum Audi Extravaganza’ held in the City recently.

Luxury car manufacturers Audi and the club owners joined hands to organise a special show for the members of the club.

The day kicked off with a weekend brunch. With a show by popular designer Ramesh Dembla, the event had an element of style too.

A Hollywood DJ brought out some great tunes for the crowd and no stone was left unturned to make the day memorable.

Organiser of the event, Baba, said, “The launch is an exclusive event for the members of our club. I believe the makers of the car and our club share the same profile and hence, we associated with them. Also, they have some great ideas and the management is efficient as they are all young and think ahead.”

Ramesh’s show was definitely one of the highlights of the occasion. The designer said that the whole idea was to make the event more entertaining. He added, “I am here to support my friends. As there are deadlines for partying in Bangalore, the weekend brunch is a perfect concept to meet and greet all your buddies. The ambience is just adding more fun to the day. Everyone is here to relax and our collection will do just that.” Models clad in LBDs spiced up the show. Ramesh said, “The idea behind the collection is to be sensual and raunchy. I have tried to bring out something sporty from these dresses. I hope to make the day colourful and sizzling.”

No fashion show is complete without some fun music and to keep the audience on their feet, DJ Spec had come down all the way from California. While all the visitors sipped some champagne and munched snacks, his music brought in more energy among the crowd.

The DJ said, “I am here to play happy music and to ensure everyone is totally enjoying themselves.” 

The day wrapped up after all the club members got an ‘inside feel’ of the Audi R8 by quickly posing for snaps in the car.