'Every song could have been better'

'Every song could have been better'

'Every song could have been better'

Perennially soft-spoken, Amit Trivedi loves to be in his studio and not just create but even breathe music. Most reluctant to speak about his work, he just likes to work and let his music do the magic.

‘Magic’ is the word when one hears songs from Lootera. But when Metrolife asks the man about how he does that, he breaks into a laugh, “You want me to answer that?” he questions and while humbly accepting the compliment with a “Thank you”, he adds, “I don’t know how it happens. In each film, I follow my instinct and go by my gut feeling and it just works,” he says.

Reportedly, he wasn’t well yet evades the question by replying, “I am just tired and fatigued,” which is right considering he is on almost every filmmaker’s wishlist! But he makes sure before selecting a film, that the name of the director is familiar and  the script is interesting. “If I have worked with the same director before then it does matter but it is equally valid for me to select a film if the script is phenomenal,” says the singer-composer-music director who shot to fame with Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D.

“Anurag is my mentor and I love his style the most. Another favourite director of mine is Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor) who is very passionate and Vikramaditya Motwani,” lists Amit and is quick to add, “And also Rajkumar Gupta!” Naming all of them equally in one breath, he diplomatically keeps his list fairly inclusive!

When it comes to his work, however, he takes no time to say, “Just days after the release, I think almost every song of mine could have been better!”

In such a situation, awards come as “Big satisfaction and I find them encouraging. But I work to enjoy the process and not for award. If awards come along then its great,” says Amit who finds that the trend of fusing different genres in one song a “Good idea. I have been doing it since a long time and if it is done well then it is appreciated.”

What he likes more is the freedom to work and thus keeps himself associated with MTV Coke Studio. “I get complete freedom of speech and am able to create music of my choice unlike in a film where you are bound in a certain area within which you have to work,” says the artist who has composed five songs forSeason 6 of Coke Studio.

Ask him if his one-year old son too gives him musical ideas and he laughs saying, “He makes sounds while playing – words which inspire me a lot!”