Subtle flavours from Caribbean islands

Last Updated 25 September 2013, 16:14 IST

Even when very hungry, a foodie prefers a familiar hotspot rather than a new eatery and newer flavours. Fully aware that the adventure could turn out to be not-so-pleasant, this foodie still advances towards the Caribbean-inspired fast-food restaurant Pollo Tropical.

It is a popular US chain which has ventured into the India market with its first outlet at DLF Place Mall, Saket. The interiors looks similar to any other fast-food outlet but the menu is different. Instead of just burgers, they also have salads, chicken wings and boneless chicken, rolls and very special sauces in five different flavours.

Take time out to sip their Pina Colada and the spirits will energise you to taste the cuisine from Carribean Islands. The grilled, succulent Tropi Wings in the non-vegetarian section and the subtle Yellow Rice and Black Bean from the vegetarian section will introduce you to their flavours. Wrapped in spices and green in colour, Tropi Wings are their best selling dish without doubt.

The Boneless Chicken Breasts are tender and cooked well but the Chicken has a chewy covering and is bland inside. In contrast, Grilled Paneer - which is the same when served as a patty in a burger or as finger-shaped pieces with fine lines of the grill. Soft in texture and sans oil, the paneer is a good-munching option but doesn’t score over
Yellow Rice!

The Chicken Breast, Chicken and Paneer are marinated in the same spices and allowed to simmer in non-veg stock or fruit juices inside a tumbler, as per the staff’s description. But the flavour of juices does not come out well!

Black Beans are less spicy content and boiled well.

Actually, to put it simply, it tasted like boiled dal makhni without tadka!

Spices, however, cannot be the parameter to judge food here, since it remains true to its origin. The Quesidalla Salad, however tastes too bland even after seasoning.

But don’t miss out on the sauces – Celantro Garlic tastes best with potato wedges; Spicy Poyo Poyo is good with grilled paneer; Salsa is too bland despite its Mexican origins; Carribean Pineapple is a good concoction of unknown ingredients and Curry Mustard is basically mustard mixed with curry powder!

After relishing them all, do try the dessert Tres Leches which has a base textured like a kalakand and has sugary syrup oozing out of the bread. This is topped with whipped cream and cherry and best had chilled!

(Published 25 September 2013, 16:14 IST)

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