Improve concentration in winter

Improve concentration in winter

Improve concentration in winter

The chilly winter months can give you a hard time with your  power of concentration. An expert suggests good sleep and right exercise to cope.

John Bramm, managing director and sleep expert at Dormeo Octaspring, suggests various ways to improve concentration during these months, reports

Keep the temperature stable: The heating in a space can make you feel sleepier. Checking if the central heating is on the right temperature as well as investing in comfortable bedding for a sound sleep will help.

Sleep for the right amount of time: Six hours of undisturbed sleep at night is a must. Recent studies have shown that oversleeping in the morning does actually have a number of physical and psychological side effects.

Breakfast: A small breakfast containing fiber whole grains, dairy and fruit improves memory.
Take adequate breaks: When you feel your concentration levels decreasing, take breaks, in which you could talk to a colleague or go for a walk.

Listen to music: There are numerous benefits to listening to music while working.

Eat smart foods and eat regularly: There are some foods which are scientifically proven to help sharpen focus and concentration and increase attention span.