UK mom gives birth to rare identical triplets

UK mom gives birth to rare identical triplets

In an extremely rare occurrence, a 32-year-old mother in the UK has given birth to three identical baby girls, beating the odds of 200 million to one.

The triplets were born in August at Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, weighing a little over 1.72kg each.

Doctors had given Karen Gilbert, mother of the triplets, an option to terminate the pregnancy as they feared the three foetuses could take each other's fluid and space and might not survive.

The determined parents from Pontypool, South Wales, however, rejected pleas to terminate their girls, the 'Mirror' reported.

The girls named Ffion, Maddison and Paige were formed when a single egg split into three, an extremely rare occurrence.

The trio are now home after spending six weeks in hospital, the report said."I still feel like someone's going to tell me I've had my time with them now and take them away, said Gilbert.

"At first we thought it was one, but at eight weeks I got bad pains. We thought it was a miscarriage but it was three babies fighting for space," she said.

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