Vande Mataram: Singhal asks Chidambaram to resign

Vande Mataram: Singhal asks Chidambaram to resign

Addressing a press conference in Bangalore, Singhal said Vande Mataram was the signature tune of thousands of freedom fighters who confronted and dared the British and even sacrificed their lives, irrespective of belonging to different religions.  

However, Chidambaram instead of condemning the resolution had shared the same podium with those who has passed the diktat.  JuH had issued a fatwa last week asking Muslims not to sing Vande Mataram.

Boycott Chinese goods

Singhal urged the people to boycott Chinese goods, as they were affecting small and medium enterprises in the country. He said the dumping of huge amounts of consumer goods in the country from China was adversely affecting the economy.

He charged that China was waging a proxy war against India by supplying arms to the Maoists.  He demanded that the army and airforce should intervene and eliminate anti-national forces immediately. China had forcefully occupied Tibet and was interfering in the country’s internal affairs.

Singhal termed the UPA as the weakest government since Independence, as it has failed continually in averting internal and external threat to the country.