Mellifluous pieces touch a chord

Mellifluous pieces touch a chord

As part of the ‘Indo-Swiss Cultural Harmony Programme’, artistes of ‘Winterthurer Symphoniker’, along with the ‘Cecilian Choir’ and The Bangalore School of Music, performed at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall recently. As many as 100 musicians took part in the European orchestra. The artistes of ‘Winterthurer Symphoniker’ were in the City for the first time.

The troupe’s performances began with Joseph Haydn’s composition Der Sturm, a piece on human beings and the influence of nature on them. The cry of despair and a prayer for peace was brought out through the instruments. Nachtlied, which means ‘The Song of the Night’, was a piece on sleep. The artistes beautifully brought out how sleep protects us from the delicate frame of life. All the performances were orchestrated by Christopher Morris Whiting.

It was a unique evening for those who had gathered at the auditorium. Ganesha, a resident of Vyalikaval, said, “I listen to all kinds of music. I saw an advertisement of this show and was curious about it. Since the venue is very close to my place, I thought I will drop by to attend the event. It was very impressive. Though I listen to western classical music, I am not very familiar with European classical music. The show was very different from the regular musical shows that we get to see here.”

Malathi, a member of the audience, said, “Usually, when someone says western music, we think of rock or pop music, but not very often do we come across people listening to classical music. I haven’t heard much of classical music. But today, each recital was so close to our feelings. The artistes brought out the emotions so well through the music. It’s not very often that such shows are organised here. It was a packed hall and I think that itself showed how eager the audience were to watch the orchestra.” 

Rolf Frei, the consulate general of Switzerland in Bangalore, said, “Music does not need a common language to connect with others. Many may not have an idea about western classical music but you don’t have to know or understand the music. It’s the feeling that connects all.”

Interestingly, not many of the artistes from ‘Winterthurer Symphoniker’ orchestra were professional musicians. They had different occupations and were brought together by music. Rolf said, “Some of them have a background in medicine while some are lawyers. There are even electricians and plumbers. They all have one serious hobby and that’s music. They are here to bring out what they know the best.”

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