Opening many eyes

Opening many eyes

Honing Skills

This was one unique event.  An event where visually challenged children, dressed in colourful clothes and dazzling jewellery matched steps to music and danced away to many hearts. These children were from Samarthanam, an organisation for the visually challenged children.

The young ones were performing at Eye Believe 09, a talent show of music, dance and exhibition of art and craft, organised by Eye Believe, a group of 35 members from all walks of life dedicated to this cause. The members, in association with Samarthanam, had worked with these children for the past eight weeks in order to create this talent show which had classical and Western dancing and singing. 

The show started with an invocation song followed by six children singing the bhajana Gana Nayaka and other songs like Chandan Hai Is Desh, Ajeeb Dastan, Nenegala Nenapugale, Krishna Rama Govinda and Sare Jahan Se Acha.

The other programmes included solo Bharatanatyam, Western group dance and a solo dance. There were many school children, who came to witness the programme, and they enjoyed it a lot. It was great to see the confidence and excitement on the faces of these children.  

For the exhibition, the visually challenged children had made bullock carts, cups and small toys with clay. Ravi, a participant, said, “I was able to learn how to make mats and cups. I was helped all through the process. I also learnt some songs and I am excited to sing today.”

The children had also made small houses out of ice-cream sticks. They were taught weaving techniques and they made mats out of colourful thick papers. Each child was helped by the members. Bhanu, a participant, says “I had a lot of fun while learning to sing and dance. I got a lot of help from the Eye Believe members. Every step I took, I was helped by them.” In the end, Eye Believe had succeeded in making some difference in the lives of these children.