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Last Updated 28 October 2016, 18:54 IST

Sandalwood doesn't have too many women directors but the few who are there have proved their mettle. Vijayalakshmi Singh is one of those few woman directors who have proved they are no less than their male counterparts when it comes to wielding the megaphone.

Hailing from a family of directors and actors, Vijayalakshmi is now set to direct her three daughters who will make their debut with ‘Yaanaa’. In an interview with Nina C George, the director shares her experience of working on ‘Yaanaa’.

The making of ‘Yaanaa’...

I’ve always wanted to work on a youth-centric film because today’s audience consists largely of young people. I took a break for two years and updated myself about youngsters and their preferences before I began working on ‘Yaanaa’.

On the choice of title and storyline...

‘Yaanaa’ is a Kannada title which means journey. In this context, the journey is one of self-discovery. The subject is bold and in keeping with the culture and ethos of an urban setting.

How is it to work with a young team?

It’s fun shooting with a young crew. There’s so much energy and enthusiasm on the sets. I feel young around them.  

Your experience working on the project.

Everything is new, from the choice of title and cast to the genre and the approach to making the film. I’ve never worked on such a project before. Working with a newcomers has taught me to be patient.   

Are you open to improvisation?

Of course, we always improvise. Improvisation improves the product and I am open to new ideas.  

How did you choose the boys for the film? 

I had posted a status on social networking sites and received a lot of entries. We chose three actors and 40 youngsters (boys and girls) through auditions. I must say, each one is talented and special.

Is it easy working with young people?

It is easy to mould youngsters according to the requirement of the character. But this requires a lot of patience.

What’s next?

I only work on one project at a time. I don’t want start anything until I complete ‘Yaanaa’.

(Published 28 October 2016, 16:42 IST)

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