Getting connected online

Getting connected online

Online reading

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Newspapers, magazines and books have always generated an interest among the young.

The content takes precedence over its form. But of late online editions of books, magazines and newspapers seem to have caught the fancy of the young.
They aver that they get to browse their favourite website and download the latest book online read them at leisure. It’s not only a trend but among the most sought after mode of communication.

Online reading has its advantages. It not only helps a reader get across to the world but interact with other readers as well. They can even post their feedback and air their opinion.
Deepika Shashidhar, a housewife residing in Gayatri Nagar spends nothing less than an hour before her computer everyday.

“Once I am done with my household work, I spend sometime reading e-magazines and another half an hour in going through the blogs. '' and' are among my favourites. I don't wish to read newspapers as it contains more of crime and political news. So, I have developed an inclination toward e-papers in which we can select an interesting topic and read only those stories. In fact, blogspots and online publications have increased my interest in literature," she observes.

Amith MS, a MCA graduate from PESIT feels that newspapers and magazines may vanish in a year’s time.

He says, "I see the newspaper circulation dip to half," and adds, “I am an occasional reader of newspapers and magazines, so I tend to read them online quite often. But most people are not familiar with the technology to get the best use of blogs and e-papers.”

Contrary to Amith's observation, K T Ashok has made full use of advanced technology. He is a retired government employee and spends more than two hours reading online. He says, "It is not possible to subscribe all the newspapers and magazines. Newspapers have gone online too. Therefore, I opt to read almost all newspapers and magazines on my computer first thing in the morning. If anything looks interesting, I will copy it in my PC and open it whenever required.”

Vidya, an engineering student says, "I have a laptop and have an Internet connection too. I read books of my interest. When I hear the name of a book, I will search for it online and it instantly arouses my curiosity.”
But, Spurthi is a die-hard fan of hard bound books. She draws immense pleasure from reading hard copies rather than the online ones.

"There are many options but I always prefer to read books in hard copy itself. It gives one real joy of reading,” she signs off.