I haven't yet signed on to play Indira Gandhi: Madhuri Dikshit

I haven't yet signed on to play Indira Gandhi: Madhuri Dikshit

I haven't yet signed on to play Indira Gandhi: Madhuri Dikshit

While the actress says the former prime minister is her idol, she maintains that she hasn't yet given her consent to filmmaker Krishna Shah for the biopic.

Speaking from her home in Colorado, Madhuri sid: "The thing is, Krishna Shah  approached me for the role. He's very keen that I do it. He came home, met me and showed me all the research that he had done. I was impressed by his preparations. But nothing has been finalised. We're still in negotiations."
The ever-cautious actress was last seen in Yashraj Films lukewarmly received "Aaja Nachle".

Director Krishna Shah's enthusiasm is understandable. But so is Madhuri's guardedness. Playing Indira Gandhi won't be easy even for an actress of Madhuri's stature. And we aren't just talking about the challenge of portraying the powerful personality. The challenge would be to get the Congress' and party president Sonia Gandhi's approval.

Jagmohan Mundhra tried making a a film on Sonia Gandhi but his efforts were deadlocked by the ruling regime. Two years ago, N. Chandra was to direct Manisha Koirala as Indira Gandhi in a project entitled "Indira Gandhi: A Tryst With Destiny". That too never happened.

Krishna Shah had last directed the low-budget "Hard Rock Zombies" for the American  market in 1985. And his only feature-film in Hindi, "Shalimar" in 1978, had bombed at the box-office.

Madhuri, at this stage in her career when she is well-settled in life, wouldn't like to venture out into camera range unless she is absolutely sure of the project.
Says Madhuri: "I still have to decide. Mrs.Gandhi is my idol. At school, I remember  impersonating her for a fancy dress competition. However, many other factors besides the bigness of the character go into making of a movie. There're many considerations to be gone through before I decide. Like I said, he (Krishna Shah) is keen. Everything has to fall into place.

"My decision would depend on where it would be shot and how long it would take to shoot the film. Also, who are the other actors in the project. The casting is very important. Because one would want large sections of the audience to see the film."
Tell Madhuri we are eager to see her back on screen and she rewards you with her trademark laughter. "There are offers. It's very sweet of people to want me back. But I can't jump into anything," she maintained.