Cong, BJP wooing rebels

The Congress and the BJP, whose anxiety has not come down despite a huge turnout in the December 1 elections for Rajasthan Assembly, are now working on “Plan b” in case they fall short of an absolute majority.

To top it all, the huge turnout has further confused them as they are not sure whether to see it as a sign of anti incumbency or not. The two parties had a meeting of their respective candidates and party office bearers in the last two days at the state headquarters here. Both seem to be confounded by the unprecedented turnout of over 75 per cent in the elections.

Each party has said that it was confident of winning on its own. However, both are struggling to keep the rebels and dissidents within their fold. The reason for the confusion is in many constituencies the contest was multipolar with the entry of National Peoples Party of Kirorilal Meena and strong rebels from both the parties queering the pitch.  

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