Kejriwal rules out support to BJP

Kejriwal rules out support to BJP

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal today ruled out giving any support to BJP to form a government in Delhi and termed as personal comments in this regard by party leader Prashant Bhushan.

"There is no question of supporting BJP. What Prashant said yesterday was his personal opinion," he tweeted this morning shortly after a meeting of his party leaders which decided not to take or give support to Congress or BJP.

Bhushan had last night told a TV channel that AAP may consider supporting BJP if the party gives AAP in writing that it will pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

The noted lawyer himself clarified today that what he had said last night was in a rhetorical context.

"What I said was in a rhetorical context. I meant that if BJP becomes like AAP and does those things which AAP has been formed for and AAP believes in, then we can think of supporting them. But this is not possible because these parties can never become like AAP," he told reporters today.

Asked about government formation, Kejriwal said as the single largest party, BJP should form the government and take support from Congress.

"BJP has been given the mandate. It is the single largest party. So it should try and form the government taking support of Congress," he said.

Bhushan said the party will not stake claim to form government and prefer to sit in the opposition.

"We cannot support BJP or Congress as AAP was formed as an alternative to them. People have supported us so that we can establish an alternative politics in the country," Bhushan said. 

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