BJP accuses govt of 'selectively leaking' Liberhan Commission report

BJP accuses govt of 'selectively leaking' Liberhan Commission report

BJP accuses govt of 'selectively leaking' Liberhan Commission report

"Keeping the upcoming elections in view, the UPA government has selectively leaked the report to the media so that there is a polarisation of votes," he said here reacting to the reported findings of the Commission which is believed to have indicted senior BJP leaders Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L K Advani and M M Joshi, among others, for the demolition.

"The selective leakage was intentional. A report of any commission is traditionally placed on the first day of the Parliament session. The government could have placed it in the House in July as the Liberhan Commission report was given to the government on June 30," he told reporters.

The BJP leader asked the Centre to explain how the report was leaked.

On the names of BJP leaders, including Vajpayee, featuring in the report, Singh said "the country admires Vajpayee's towering personality. Efforts are being made to tarnish his image just ahead of elections in Jharkhand, a state created by the BJP-led government.

"The people will give a fitting reply as the BJP has never been communal," Singh said.
"Because of political rivalry, political and secular groups should not be defamed...I fail to understand why the government is jeopardising peace in the nation for its political interests," he said.

Singh said the manner in which the report was leaked has "saddened" the people.

"Top leaders like Vajpayee, Advani and Joshi being blamed together surely indicates a well-planned conspiracy," the BJP chief said.

"The Congress is the biggest communal party of the country. Inspite of the nation entering its 62nd year of freedom... the party has pursued its political interest by creating social discrimination. Whenever there is an election, the Congress always brings up an issue," Singh said.