PC to tablet '2-in-1' devices to dominate 2014

PC to tablet '2-in-1' devices to dominate 2014

PC to tablet '2-in-1' devices to dominate 2014

2-in-1 devices, which work as both a PC and tablet, are expected to find more consumer preference in 2014 as prices fall and more people opt for them.

"In 2013, we saw a lot of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) coming out with 2-in-1 devices, which could be used both as a PC and tablet. They called it swivel, hybrids and some other names too," Sandeep Aurora, Director, Marketing and Market Development, Intel South Asia, told PTI.

People chose these devices as it was easy to carry and yet allowed people to continue working, just like they would work on their desktops, on the go, he added.

"This year, we expect prices to come down a little, which would drive the adoption further," Aurora said.

He added the prices could come down to sub-Rs 30,000 as more OEMs launch their products.Currently, 2-in-1s cost Rs 34,000 and above.

Talking about the roadmap for 2014, Aurora said the focus for the company is clearly on tablets.

"We will have processors for both tabs and smartphones but the focus is more towards tablets. 2-in-1s¸Ö˜Ì¸ÖAlso, going forward all our OEM partners will be manufacturing devices based on Baytrail (Intel's new architecture)," he said.

Asus has come out with their first Baytrail powered device, while Acer is launching their Baytrail powered tablet today.

"With the introduction of 'Bay Trail' powered devices also, we expect 2-in-1 devices to hit low price points, Aurora said.

The Baytrail processors will also power a variety of affordable laptops, desktop PCs and all-in-ones.