City soaks in yuletide spirit despite Dec chill

City soaks in yuletide spirit despite Dec chill

Yuletide spirit swept the City on Tuesday night despite the familiar nip and bite in the air thanks to December chill.

The mood in the City was one of gaiety, camaraderie and celebration with important arcades and avenues brightly lit up with trees decorated with baubles, big, bright and small and with the crowd making merry wearing Santa caps, singing carols.

The City’s major shopping destinations such as Brigade Road and Shivajinagar wore a festive look amidst all the lights. Bakery shop owners were held up in a tight schedule with the increasing demand for plum and chocolate cakes. “This year, there is an increased demand for rum cakes,” said Sudarshan, a bakery shop owner from Jayanagar.

“The unique thing about Christmas is that the weather too sets in alongside the season. It is cold and the joy helps us keep ourselves warm,” said Rachel Pinto, a mother of two. “As it is, baking cakes is a delightful thing to do. My children just wait all year for the plum cake overdose,” said an elated Rachel who is all set to ring in the Christmas and welcome the New Year with all earnestness and enthusiasm.

The St Mark’s Cathedral, which has been celebrating the Festival of Peace since November 30, is all set to conclude it with a morning mass service. “Until last year, after midnight mass service, we would only hold one morning mass on December 25, which usually happens at 8.30 am. But this year, we are holding a second mass service at 10.30 am for those who would like to come in late,”  said Reverend Jayakumar, the Presbyter in-charge.

“During the month-long celebrations, we even had interactions with people of other faiths. The feeling of acceptance is what needs to be taught to today’s children. We must learn to accept each other as we are, regardless of religion, race, caste or creed,” he added.      

Time for family reunion

“It is also family reunion time. Delicious home-cooked food and wine and exchanging gifts are a customary must,” said Justin, a student. NGOs are also looking forward to spreading the festival of joy to everyone alike. BOSCO Mane in Chamarajpet celebrated Christmas with more than 600 underprivileged children.

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