Turning over a new leaf

Turning over a new leaf

Turning over a new leaf

With 2014 almost here, many Bangaloreans are taking new decisions and making resolutions that they hope to accomplish next year. While age-old resolutions, like being more organised and following a strict diet, are still doing the rounds, there are also innovative resolutions making it to the ‘To Do List’.

Many like Vikram Arjunan, an MBA student, believe that the new year means a fresh way of looking at things. Vikram feels that unlike last year, he needs to keep away from partying. 

   “I spent a lot of time socialising and attending parties in 2013. I intend to concentrate more on my studies and my business now and I want to be more organised,” he says. Vikram says that this year, he has a new project to work on and that he would like to concentrate more on his academics. 

For others, changing their behaviour tops the list. “I want to be able to control my temper. I need to just think and tell myself that I’m supposed to step over my anger when a situation arises. At this point, I don’t believe in relaxing techniques or meditation as I believe that constantly reminding myself to react in a controlled manner is the way to go,” says Gokulananda S, a choreographer. 

Some, like Alwin Lawrence, want to keep in touch with friends and work harder on relationships. Alwin, a football analyst says that in the coming year, when he says he will return calls, he will make it a point to do so. “I usually tell my friends that I’ll call them back and then I get lazy, despite remembering that I have to call back,” he says.

Fitness and well-being have always topped resolution lists. Akshita Jain, a marketing communications professional, says that she will stop being lazy next year. “I used to be very lethargic during the weekends as I just stepped into the corporate world. I’m going to concentrate on fitness from now on,” says Akshita. She adds that she used to learn dance at Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts earlier. She now plans to rejoin the class.

Niru Agarwal, trustee at a school, says that being in the education field, she would like to be the perfect example for the students at her school. “I want to be a more healthy and disciplined person so that I can contribute more to the society. I also want to get more involved in social causes by working with NGOs and dedicating more time to whatever I choose to do,” she says. For many others, resolutions are about bringing some creativity into one’s otherwise stress-filled lives. Sandesh PS, a businessman, says that in his packed work schedule, he rarely gets time to use his creative side.

“I recently heard about the ‘365 Project’ that many people have signed up for, and I’ve decided to photograph something in the City everyday. I have been in the City for more than eight years and would love to document the City as I see it through my lens,” he says.
    Sandesh adds that since the essence of a city is in its monuments, food, clothing and people, his frames will have different themes every day, thus nurturing his creative side.