'This is only the beginning stage'

'This is only the beginning stage'

People ask me if I miss my college life but I enjoy what I am doing and alongside playing what I like to,” says the new Indian badminston sensation PV Sindhu in a candid conversation with Metrolife. The young shuttler is all smiles when caught dressed in a traditional salwar-suit for an award function in the City.

Although she’s been  busy practising for the upcoming tournaments in Malaysia and Lucknow, she is focused on her goal and is conscious about taking each step, “One by one to gain points, because my ultimate aim is to reach number one. Of course, you need to really work very hard for it,” she says. Sindhu  reveals that she is also pursuing her BCom alongside, but gives her parents the credit to help her balance her game and studies. “My parents have always encouraged and supported me, whichever game I played. That is why I am here today,” says the proud 18-year-old holding the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year trophy she won in the Sports category. 

“I am really very thankful to my parents,” she says excitedly taking us back to her childhood days when she started at the age of eight-and-a-half. “Both my parents are volleyball players and used to practise near a badminton court. I used to see sportspersons play there and soon my interest in the game grew. My parents realised my tilt towards Badminton and allowed me to play. They themselves did not know that I would come this far,” giggles the sports star who soon took the game professionally and joined Gopichand Badminton Academy at Hyderabad and today stands at number 12 in the world ranking for Women’s Singles!

When in need, she goes back to her parents as “They know what to do since they come from a sports background. They guide me whenever I go for any tournament,” she informs, happy that her sport has garnered fame post-Indian Badminton League (IBL). “There is a craze among people for Badminton now. People are excited that it is coming up. Previously, people talked only about cricket, but now it’s good that badminton is being recognised and people are enjoying the game.” 

“Of course, I am aware that I am an example for some people who consider me as an icon,” states Sindhu without being overwhelmed by the high standards that she has set for herself and others. “I feel happy that others think that but for me this is only the beginning stage and there is a long way to go. I think, I should just focus on my game,” she confides mindful of the various controversies that often surround sportspersons. 

“When you read the paper, it does upset you a little but I then heed my coach’s advice who asks me to channelise my whole focus on my game and nothing else. Automatically it provides an answer to everyone,” she signs of with a happy, child-like smile.

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