In search of the right blue

Regardless of whether you are feeling blue or just feel like blue because you are partial to the shades of the colour, there is good news on the horizon. The good news from the colour front is that there are brighter days ahead, when the new colour of the year hits the stores in the New Year.

A leading International paint manufacturer, as part of its Colour Trends 2014 palette has revealed that its highly anticipated Colour of The Year for 2014 will be “A Breath of Fresh Air.” This is a divine, ethereal blue, which is just gorgeous and described as a livable and functional neutral.

The company said it chose “Breath of Fresh Air,” since it is seen across different environments, which makes it the new neutral. The colour of the year is chosen based on cues and trends seen throughout home furnishing, fashion, and even the pop culture landscape.

For the new collection, the company decided to break away from the pack and selected a series of colours, which are not only rich and enduring, but also livable for homeowners since each shade resonates with many different styles.

As we have all noticed, colour rarely exists in isolation. Thus the entire palette is comprised 23 colours that stand on their own and work well in harmony with each other. This allows the transition of spaces and colours to flow seamlessly. Blues have the ability to shine alone or as a backdrop and offer a variety of trendy tones ranging from soft to dark to bold.

If you’re looking to banish the “blues” from your life choose blue in 2014! Let’s look at some shades, which the paint dealers expect to be really popular in 2014.

1. As mentioned, Breath of Fresh Air is the first choice. It’s a light, pale, pretty blue that works as a neutral colour. Working with this colour will give you a sensation of being outdoors under the serene blue sky. It provides the plain background, which is ideal for pairing with other colours in your home; it does, however, offer a little more life than a shade of beige.

2. Normandy Blue is more conservative than most other blues. It appears somewhat traditional, but it has a grey undertone that actually makes it quite contemporary, offering a welcome contrast in styles.

3. Palladian Blue is truly classical. This chic shade was inspired by the documented colours found in 18th and 19th century architecture. It’s a calm shade, which is relaxing because of an underlying tinge of green.

4. When we think “blue” most of us cannot imagine shades beyond “Royal Blue,” and “Navy Blue.” Well, if this describes you, you are in luck. 2014 marks the arrival of Van Deusen Blue, which is bold and has been dubbed the “new Navy.” It has touches of indigo and violet.

5. Caribbean Teal is an upcoming hue in the world of colour and though somewhat like the traditional teal is more fashionable and sophisticated. It boasts a tropical flavoured tincture and will come across as contemporary when coupled with solid shades such as black or white. A word of caution here — since we are already in the tropics we may want to moderate such usage and not go overboard.

These are only some of the shades of blue on the colour palette. As far as variety that this colour has to offer, the sky is literally the limit!

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