Radcliffe impressed with Pattinson's way of dealing with stardom

Radcliffe impressed with Pattinson's way of dealing with stardom

The pair starred together in two 'Harry Potter' films, which launched Radcliffe to international fame, while Pattinson went on to land the lead role in the 'Twilight' vampire franchise, attracting hordes of fans across the globe, Contactmusic reported.

Radcliffe, however, insisted that he has no advice for his former co-star, since Pattinson seems to have adjusted to his new found popularity surprisingly well.

"I wouldn't have any advice. He seems to be coping well. I haven't spoken to Robert since we saw each other at the opening of a gallery three years ago. We've been sort of exchanging advice through journalists, bizarrely," Radcliffe said.

However, the 21-year-old star did speak his mind about handling attention.
"It is totally mad, when people are screaming and going absolutely insane for you.
Particularly with Robert - the amount of women that would jump on him - you have to keep it in some kind of perspective, by thinking, 'Well, partly they like me and partly they are just attracted to the character'," Radcliffe said.

"As long as you don't think, 'Oh yeah, God they're all doing this - I must be absolutely fantastic.' As long as you do that, you should be all right," he added.