Nothing quite matches the tranquility here

Fateh Nagar Gurdwara

Nothing quite matches  the tranquility here

When one turns the pages of history, or visits some historical site one is transported into a different world, a different era which evokes awe and wonder and also some amount of nostalgia.

Truly a cosmopolitan city with a healthy mix of traditional and modern, a melting pot of all faiths, culture and mores, Delhi boasts of many historical sites, ancient heritage monuments and numerous places of worship, some known, some little known, but each with a story to tell. 

One such place that kindles reverence and awe and has an interesting story to tell is the Fateh Nagar Gurdwara at Fateh Nagar, West Delhi. The gurdwara is also known as ‘Chhote Sahibzade Sikh Gurdwara’  having been named after the younger son of Guru Gobind Singhji who was called Chhote Sahibzade.

Fateh Nagar is mainly a Sikh and Punjabi-Hindu colony, populated by a warm and friendly people and where neighbours are like family, such is the bonhomie amongst the residents. But back to the history of the gurdwara which according to ancient lore was founded by an elderly woman who was childless.

It is said that one day Chhote Sahibzade appeared to her in a dream and told her that he could not bless her with a child, but instead a very famous Gurdwara would be built at the place of her home. Sure enough, today the Chhote Sahibzade Gurdwara is famous and devotees from across the country, irrespective of their caste, and creed,  flock to pay obeisance here and partake of the langar.

The gurdwara which started out with a very small building today is a magnificent structure, a large portion of which is used as accommodation for the needy from the community.

It is said that if one prays at the gurdwara for five consecutive Tuesdays one’s wish is fulfilled and whoever comes here with a sincere heart never goes empty-handed.

“I never went to a Gurdwara till the day my mother asked me to accompany her. It was a Tuesday and we went to Gurdwara Sahib in Fateh Nagar. My mother had this belief that if she visits the Fateh Nagar gurdwara regularly for 40 days her wishes will be fulfilled. I felt positive energy around me when I entered that holy place. It was peaceful over there and really liked it,” said Ravish Pal Singh Khalsa, who has converted and become a devout Sikh. Indeed, such is the power of faith.

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