Salman and Akshay are fitness icons: Bipasha

Salman and Akshay are fitness icons: Bipasha

Actress Bipasha Basu feels Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are fitness icons of India.
"I feel Akshay Kumar is the fittest actor because right from my first film I have seen... he is super energetic, looks after his health and eats right. Salman Khan is a fitness icon... he has got the body into the business. Every single boy aspires to have a body like Salman.

They are the iconic stalwarts in the fitness world of our country," Bipasha said at the launch of her third DVD 'Unleash' in the 'Fit & Fabulous You and Break Free' series here.

"In the current lot of actress, Deepika Padukone looks fit. She has a fitness background because of her father; I think its imbibed," the 35-year-old actress said.

According to Bipasha, health investment is the key for looking good.

"It is a shame if you can't take out 25 minutes for your health. Dedicate at least 25 minutes to workout. The pressure of becoming fit is on everyone, because it is a visual medium and everyone needs to look good. I always believe that looking good is a bonus. I do it for health," she added.

Bipasha's fitness DVDs have achieved major success in the genre.

"It feels good when people use the product and let you know. I really thank Twitter because you really come to know how your product is being appreciated. I get messages from those who have lost 28 kgs, 15 kgs, and 5-10 kgs all the time," she said.

The dusky actress enjoyed watching the enthusiastic audience who tried the work out under the instructor's vigilance. She was seen addressing the audience too on how it is essential to stay fit and also be strong.

Diet is also considered an important aspect of fitness but Bipasha doesn't follow any particular fad diet.

"I am learning about nutrition now and may be in one-two years from now I will have the knowledge to talk about it," she added.

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