Udupi all set to welcome new seer

Udupi all set to welcome new seer

Vidyawallabhatheertha Swamiji of Kaniyur mutt ascends Sarwajna Peeta today

Udupi all set to welcome new seer

The temple town is decked with celebratory and festive mood and the entire town is illuminated for the Paryaya Mahotsava wherein the Kaniyur mutt seer ascends the sacred throne of Paryaya Sarwajna Peeta here in wee hours on Saturday.

As a part of the celebrations, the Kaniyur mutt is festooned with traditional artifacts and is decorated in the architectural style of Ananthapadbhanabha temple in Tiruvananthapuram and partially Mysore palace. The three pillars carved with ancient artifacts resemble the pillars of Mysore palace. The three windows also resemble the temple architecture. The colors are reflected in the ornamental illumination that has been attached to the walls.

The Rajangana wherein the Durbar takes place is adorned with the temple architecture. The shadowy color on the walls with illuminating lights has sprinkled the prosperity to the entire structure. The fortification at the behind is carved with minute pillar resembling the Jaina Basadis and temple pillars. The streets in the temple town are all leading towards Sri Krishna temple. The streets are full of stalls selling various articles.

The temple is decorated with flowers and ‘Tulasi’ leaves and various colors of lights. The sounds of the religious hymns and spiritual discourses are lingering in the air and large number of devotees and enthusiasts have already arrived at the temple town. The Paryaya rituals that start during wee hours, conclude with the Durbar.

As per the schedule, the incoming Swamiji Vidyawallabhatheertha Swamiji of Kaniyur mutt leaves Udupi to Dandatheertha near Kaup at 2.45 am to take a holy dip in the pond.

Subsequently, he will enter Udupi city at Jodukatte, the old entrance point of the city where he is received by the assembled Swamijis from Asta mutts, except the outgoing seer.

The incoming Swamiji will be taken in a grand reception in the Paryaya procession from Jodukatte. About 26 tableaux are taking part in the procession. Traditional, cultural and folk troupes and tableaus will be part of the procession.

Later, Kaniyur seer on entering the Car Street will proceed to have the Darshan of Sri Anantheshwar and Sri Chandramouleeshwar temple before entering Sri Krishna mutt where he is received by the outgoing Sode Vadiraj mutt seer Vishwavallabhatheertha Swamiji at the entrance point of Sri Krishna mutt. Later, he is taken inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple where the administration of the Sri Krishna mutt is formally handed over.

The most significant ceremony of handing over the powers will be held at the “Sarvajna Peeta” inside the sanctum sanctorum where the outgoing seer of Sode mutt will offer the sacred  “Sarvajna Peeta” to the incoming Kaniyur seer and hand over the charges of the temple administration. 

He hands over the articles like “Akshaya Patra” and keys to the newly ascended Vidyawavallabhatheertha in the presence of other seers of Asta Mutts. 

Later, a formal public Durbar is held at Rajangana. The new Paryaya seer will honor all the present seers of Asta mutt and other dignitaries besides announcing the office bearers of Paryaya mutt for temple administration for the next two years.

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