Pak journo Tarar claims to be victim of conspiracy

Peeved at being at the centre of controversy surrounding Shashi Tharoor, Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar claimed she had no role in his marital discord with Sunanda Pushkar and was a “victim of conspiracy”.

Tarar, who has changed her profile picture on Twitter to a burning candle following Pushkar’s death on Friday, said she met Tharoor twice — once in India in April and then in Dubai in June last year.

“There were a lot of people present there,” the 45-year-old Lahore-based journalist said .
“When I wrote an article that mentioned him, his wife probably did not like that another woman whom she did not know praised him so much. So she asked him to stop talking to me. Despite that he (Tharoor) kept following me on Twitter after which she said stop following her (Tarar) on Twitter.

“I don’t know why she had a problem about me talking to her husband over phone or email. The talks I had with him is something that I can talk with anyone and anywhere in the world,” she said.

Tarar, mother of a 13-year-old boy, then went on an all out attack on Pushkar.

“Have you googled? You will find that problems emerged in their marriage since May and June. I was not involved in their life. At that time, she didn’t know me nor was she blaming me for anything.

She said Pushkar first attacked her after an interview she did with Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

“She (Pushkar) tweeted saying why has our CM spoken to a Pakistani journalist. First Pakistan sends Army and then sends journalist. She started fighting with me,” Tarar said.
She claimed she was a “victim of conspiracy”.

“Everything has happened to me. A Pakistani woman sitting here cannot spoil their marriage,” she said. Tarar alleged Pushkar always had one issue or the other.

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