'Chaating' it out

'Chaating' it out

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'Chaating' it out

 A wide variety of chaat. dh photo by Shiva Kumar B H

Its location is its attraction and the warmth one receives here is unmatched, aver regulars at Sai Ram Eat Out, that is a stone's throwaway from MES College. It is the most popular chaat shop in and around Malleswaram.

Their easy-to-make items, one that's easy on your pocket, is what attracts people of all age groups. "I started making chaat on a push cart 13 years ago and since then I haven't looked back. I started with chaat, then added juices, milkshakes and now I have added pizza as well,” said Lokesh or Loki, the owner of the shop.

He started out with the idea of giving the people something new to eat and hygiene is something which he says he won't compromise on. “I believe that the cooking area should always be kept clean,”he says.

Sai Ram has different types of chaat on its menu. They make stuff like disco chaat, ting tong chaat, palak cheese masala, chips masala, Sai Ram special along with the usual Bhelpuri, Pani Puri, Masala Puri and Dahi Puri.

Ask him what's special about the chaat that he makes and he explains, “You have to eat them, then you will know what is special about them. They are not just different names for the same chaat. Some of them are my own creations, which I have made by combining masalas. There are 48 chaats on the menu.” He comes out with a new combination once every two or three months. The latest addition is Palak Cheese masala. The shop is open from 8.30 am because people come in so early for breakfast!

Sai Ram's pizzas are also favourites among the people. He makes them with a range of toppings like vegetables, paneer, mushroom and baby corn.

“I haven't eaten such tasty pizzas for such low prices. I come here at least once a week and gorge on the pizza. I think I have tasted everything on the menu. I used to study in a college near Rams and now I come back here to meet my old friends and recollect those good old days,” said Naveen, a student.

The most popular dish on his menu are the Chips Masala, Dahi Puri and Palak Cheese masala. These have been all time favourites among his customers, some of them who have been going to his shop for 13 years now.

The variations of dishes he offers is what has his customers coming back.
 “The chaat here is yummy. It leaves a tingling sensation in your mouth, which leaves you asking for more. It’s like an addiction. The variety is amazing. I am ready to bunk college but not miss a chance to gorge on my favourite chaat at Sai Rams," joked Aishwarya, a student of MES College.