Sailing close to the wind

Salala Mobiles
Malayalam (U) ¬¬¬
Director: Sharath A Haridaasan
Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Jacob Gregory, Nazriya Nazim

Faizal (Dulquer Salmaan), a wayward youth, starts a mobile shop in Kozhikode. Funded by his uncle who works at Salaalah in Oman, the shop gets christened Salala Mobiles.

Faizal’s bosom friend Binoy (Jacob Gregory) joins him in the venture and its not long before the best buddies dabble in a dangerous game.

Soon caught in the radar of law, the hero now lands in a labyrinth from which he painstakingly tries to wriggle out. When intertwined with a love angle, the gist of the plot gets thicker to make it into the feel-good array of flicks.

Dulquer Salman, who is clearly on a roll, is comfortable being Faizal. The location and dialect which have done wonders to big hits like Ustad Hotel and Thattathin Marayathu stand tall in favour of the proceedings.

The first half, which entails a smooth sail in terms of narration, owes it to Jacob Gregory, the TV actor-turned-comedian who was previously seen in ABCD as the sidekick of Dulqar.

Here, the reunion summons back the hijinks and pulls in sufficient fun and frolic to keep the viewers engaged. When Faizal is besotted with Safiya (Nazriya), it further enlivens the plot holding the pre-interval session afoot. 

Director Sharath A Haridaasan holds promise and is undoubtedly a talent from whom we can hope to see more. But while huddling almost everything of a quintessential romantic thriller, the supposedly thrilling denouement never really makes you bite the nails.

The hoopla built around the crime they are up to, fizzles out in no time and what it nosedives into is something which seems a tad far from convincing.

Still, when spiffed up by youthful energy, Salala Mobiles manages not to fall short of decent entertainment.   

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