Apathy leaves students in the lurch

Apathy leaves students in the lurch

Candidates do not feel reassured by promises made by test conductors

Apathy leaves students in the lurch

This constitutes one of the eight centres in the City where the CAT exams were cancelled due to server problem.

For the exam slated to commence at 3.30 pm, students queued up for nearly an hour outside the venue before an announcement was made on mike that the exam stood cancelled for the day and further intimation would be given through e-mail.

Rakesh Vyas was one such student who learnt to his horror that the exam, for which he had travelled 17 kms by bike from his house at Whitefields stood cancelled. He left for home and after reaching there received an sms on his cell phone that the exams would be conducted the same day.

“I contacted Prometric, the group that is conducting the exams, and after confirming that the exam would be held, I rode to the venue again from my house and now the police outside are telling me that today’s exams stand cancelled,” he fumed. Vyas, doing his final year engineering at another college, was noticed arguing with the police to be let inside the campus to be sure if no exam was taking place but was denied entry.

The daughter of Rakesh, a Bangalore-based government employee, has to take a bus tonight from Mysore to take up the exams tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. “Will the exams slated for tomorrow be held or not? I watched reports on TV stating that today’s exams here were cancelled. I came to the College to personally check it out as my daughter, employed at Infosys in Mysore, plans to travel all the way to this centre for her exam,” he said. He was assured by police and a college official that the exam would be held tomorrow.  

“All intimation will be done through e-mail,” the college official said. He left the venue still unsure if the exam would be held or not.  All that the management and Prometric could have done was put up a small printout or have a board outside the college gate to explain today’s cancellation and the status of tomorrow’s exam. This could have helped parents and students immensely.

The shocking aspect was the rude stance adopted by a college official. Refusing to part with any information, he remarked thus to this reporter, “I am not answerable to you. This is not your concern at all.”