Is it really harmless?

Is it really harmless?

Hey, you know my neighbour’s daughter is having an affair with a boy staying on the 1st floor!… Hey, you know my friend in office made a heavy loss in share market! Hey, you know my aunty’s daughter’s son took admission in school by paying a hefty amount as donation!

From trains to buses to offices to marriage functions, during a telechat, in parks and almost everywhere, all of us indeed like to gossip. Don’t we? Because, it’s something that nobody claims to like, but everybody enjoys it for sure. However, the only time we dislike it is when someone gossips about us.

 So, what is this whole communication pursuit that binds people and communities together and makes them enjoy by forgetting all their worries and tensions?
Years of research by psychologists shows that people who don’t feel good about themselves feel good when they share intimate details about others in the social domain. It gives them a high and a feeling of superiority over others. In some cases, it has been observed that peer pressure pushes a person into sharing details about others, just to make him sustain in the group. With mass media explosion, nowadays, we see infinite gossip columns and articles on celebrities that steal our attention on a day-to-day basis. Under such a scenario, it’s inevitable to avoid getting into gossip. But some people believe that it gives us a warm feeling after sharing stories about mutual acquaintances with a group of friends. So, why make a big deal out it?

Well, those who claim gossiping to be a harmless activity fail to understand its ill effects that are seen in the form of anger, shame and frustration that one feels when they get to know that someone is spreading malicious news about their personal lives. We have seen murders happening, just because of this one habit of gossiping about others. Today, we see broken homes because of distrust between husband and wife. Our interpersonal relationships have become sour due to unwanted rumours floated by people who are close to us. So, is it really unharmful to gossip? One needs to have a second thought with an appropriate understanding of this.

If not gossip, then what? Because, as social animals, we need to have something to keep our mind busy and status happy. The best and safe way in the present age to engage ourselves is to talk to self. Yes, it’s an art that helps us discover new horizons that are out of our imagination. Why do we need someone on the opposite side to share something? Instead, why can’t we go within and talk to our inner self and dive into the Almighty’s ocean of love with an enlightened sixth sense.

 We look out because we are not able to dive within. Once we learn to dive in, there won’t be a need for us to look outside at all. So, try it. Go and have a sip of the Almighty’s love and affection and rejuvenate yourself, physically and mentally.