Captivating images in public space

Captivating images in public space

Delightful distraction

Fete de la Photo, the first Pan-India photography event in public space, is the latest word on the street. Organised by Alliance Francaise and Institut Francais en Inde, the 11-city travelling exhibition showcases powerful works by renowned French and Indian photographers at four venues across the City.

The Astrophotography series at JN Planetarium showcases the works of Laurent Laveder, Thierry Legault and Ajay Talwar, each trying to blur the sharp divide between scientific astrophotography and artistic photojournalism in their own way; the Indian series features a vibrant collection of photographs by Xavier Zimbardo, Amit Mehra and Nitin Akolya at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre; Richard’s Park is lined up with the unusual Macrophotography series featuring David Chambon and Magali Couffon; and the Paris series of people and places by Amit Mehra and Shome Basu
can be seen all along the outside walls of the Alliance Francaise.

   Other outdoor activities include mobile photo booths and a treasure hunt, the photo clues of which are accessible on Instagram.

A revolutionary concept, it democratises art and makes it accessible to the masses. Passers-by from all walks of life showed an interest in the photographs, be it a black-and-white look at the street life of Paris or the rich colours of a maple tree under which people are seen praying.

From art lovers and photography critics to the sugarcane seller outside Alliance Francaise, it was a delightful
distraction for all!

“There’s something about the photographs that ignite a curiosity when you walk past, even if you don’t know why they are being displayed there. It’s refreshing to see them on the road instead of the usual galleries and museums. The photographs transport you to a different place if you let them,” shared Jahnavi, a

Photographs by amateur and professional photographers are also on display, each one with its own unique story to tell. “It’s a lovely way to expose people to the art of photography. Some of the images are really captivating and I like how regular people on the streets are the subject. Amit Mehra and Shome Basu’s works in particular capture the street life of Paris well,” said Manoj, who was there at Alliance Francaise.

Ajay, who also saw the exhibit, added, “It’s a welcome concept in today’s time and age. The one that caught my attention was Shome Basu’s photograph of a basketball being thrown into the hoop.”

The exhibition is on at the four venues till March 15.