'Namo Gulal' campaign is communal, says Congress

'Namo Gulal' campaign is communal, says Congress

'Namo Gulal' campaign is communal, says Congress

Delhi Congress today raised questions over BJP's move to distribute 'Namo Gulal' on the eve of Holi and accused the party of giving the festival a "communal" colour.

"After failing on all fronts, BJP is trying to enact new dramas these days, and the "Namo Gulal" was such a communal drama being played out by it," Delhi Congress Chief spokesperson Mukesh Sharma said.

Attacking the "fourth class vote bank politics" of BJP, Sharma said, "The BJP is so desperate to come to power that it was foregoing all ethics and decency".

"Its leadership, after being rejected by the people of Delhi during the Assembly elections, is now desperate that they would adopt any method to disturb the communal amity in Delhi."

Sharma, attacking BJP and RSS, said they are trying to give "Namo Namo" chant a religious slant. "Whenever election time comes around, the BJP, along with spreading lies, also tries to foment religious tension, by spreading wrong messages.

"The manner in which BJP had collected funds for the construction of the Ram Mandir had not been forgotten by the people of Delhi. There is no account about the money collected for the construction of the temple till now," he said.

Sharma said the "Ek Note, Modi ko Vote" slogan of BJP has proved to be a total flop show."BJP leaders, by withdrawing this programme, have themselves accepted this fact. The 18,000 boxes have now been rendered as mere show pieces," Sharma claimed.