Silver offerings Now that the festive season is here, it’s time to bring out the best of your crockery. When people come together to celebrate the fun and excitement of a festival, tasty food and its presentation play a significant role.

They have the power to convey the feeling of love and respect for the guests. Ekaani brings you unique range of silver products like silver-studded glasses, silver-plated bowls, silver trays and plates. The products are stain-free and come with detailed instructions on how to maintain the products in order to keep them like new for long.

Smart travelJust like the Swiss Army Knife, the Spectra 2.0 collection is designed to give you what you need, when you need it. Spectra 2.0 can make your trip easier and more convenient every step of the way. It has been designed in a way to assist you at all times whether it’s while packing, in transit or upon arrival at your destination.

As you prepare for your trip, the unique dual-access construction gives you packing flexibility. With two points of entry, these cases allow for multiple packing configurations, accommodating your personal packing style and your travel essentials, including the electronics.

Once you get to the airport or train station, the quick access door gives you access to your travel essentials like travel documents, laptop or a tablet just when you need it without opening the main compartment.

Get floored!Pergo, a leading laminated flooring brand, unveils its latest Wood Parquet. Making the best use of natural resources in its products – given the way natural resources are depleting - most part of recycled materials are used in the manufacturing of Wood Parquet flooring.

Built for both, living areas and commercial areas, with normal wear, the flooring comes in fourteen different designs, along with new manufacturing technologies like brushed surface, sawcut and Dutch pattern designer look. It is easy to install and durable, which means it can withstand years of use and still continue to look beautiful.