More vendors, less space

More vendors, less space


More vendors, less space

Thanks to the rising temperature of the City, an increasing number of tender coconut and watermelon vendors can be spotted on the roads. Not only do they eat up the space meant for pedestrians, they also pose a number of risks for people.

Metrolife speaks to Bangaloreans who feel that the authorities should allot some space for these vendors.

Shalini Kalaiah, a resident of Jayanagar, who sees many vendors near Tilaknagar and around Madhavan Park says that these areas are a mess because of them. “Most vendors don’t clear the waste generated by their products, which leads to an increasing number of rodents and mosquitoes thereby posing a risk to one’s health. Pedestrians, especially kids and the elderly, can even slip on watermelon peels,” she says. Shalini says that vendors should clear the area around them by moving the waste to the side and the BBMP should assign people to coordinate the waste collection.

“As these sellers are needed this season, the BBMP should provide some space to them so that their business is more organised,” she says.

Sindhu Narayanan points out that these vendors eat away the space on pavements and pedestrians have to walk around their stall and then on the road. “With many things to sell, vendors often take up most space on pavements due to which the passers-by have to step on the road even when there is moving traffic,” she says. Sindhu feels that a more practical approach would be to allot kiosks for these sellers so that they can continue their business without bothering others.

Vijay CV, a professional, says that the large number of vehicles stopping by and plying around these vendors add to traffic woes. “Different types of vehicles stop near these vendors. Many a times, fruit and tender coconut suppliers stop their vehicles and motorists have to go around them. Then there are the agencies that come to collect waste,” says Vijay. He states that many customers also park their vehicles in front of these vendors and add to the traffic.

“These vendors are a common sight across the City especially in areas like Fraser Town, Malleshwaram and St Mark’s Road,” he lists.

These vendors are also a nuisance for the residents of the area, says Pannaga Bharana, a film-maker. “These spots also become a hangout at times with people smoking or crowding around. Sometimes, they talk or argue loudly and this can be a big bother,” he says.

Pannaga adds that since there is a demand for these items, the BBMP should encourage more local markets in residential areas.

The authorities say that they are working to better the situation. M Lakshminarayana, commissioner of BBMP, says that an agency has been assigned to collect waste from tender coconut sellers.

“This agency turns the waste into cakes,which are later used as fuel. Coconut sellers have also been given clear instructions about stacking their waste into gunny bags. Also, we will be strictly regulating fruit and other vendors on pavements,” he says. Lakshminarayana adds that the BBMP is also looking at providing space for them.