Move your body

*  Walk a lot — Always look for an excuse to walk. Be it using the staircase instead of lift, or taking the dog out for an extra outing daily, make it a point to walk. It can also involve taking a walk around your house, when you go out to check your snail mails or walking to the nearest grocery store instead of taking a vehicle.
*  Turn off the idiot box — Instead of sitting in one place and surfing channels, turn off your TV and involve yourself in a physical activity with your family. Play some games, do household work, take a walk, just don’t sit on the couch.
*  Do some chores — Wash clothes, do the dishes, work on your garden, sweep the floor... just keep moving as you get your house in order.
*  Walk and talk — Walk around or do some cleaning whenever you are talking on the phone.
*  Make a list  — Keep a daily track of all the physical activities you are into. In case you spend a majority of time sitting, make another list of ways you can move more. It could involve walking on the treadmill, climbing the stairs, getting up regularly to stretch etc. 

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