Angry over wife's affair, man kills her lover's brother

Angry over wife's affair, man kills her lover's brother

Strangles him after drinking together, dumps body in lane

A 25-year-old man was strangled in south-west Delhi’s Sagarpur on Sunday after his brother eloped with the wife of the killer, police said.

A probe has led to the arrest of Nathini Chaudhary, who hails from Bihar’s Samstipur district.

Nathini told police that his marriage was solemnised with Ganita in 2010, and a baby girl was also born to them.

However, due to strained relations, they were not living together.

“Of late, Nathini came to know that Ganita had eloped with a man named Rajesh. Nathini then contacted Rajesh’s brother Kukan,” said Suman Goyal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West).

Rajesh was contacted through Kukan, but he did not mend his ways.

Since Kukan was in touch with Rajesh, Nathini decided to eliminate Kukan for revenge.
On Sunday, Nathini took Kukan into confidence and persuaded him to have liquor on the eve of Holi.

As per plan, Kukan was called to Nathini’s room.

“Liquor was served to Kukan till he became stupor. Finding an opportune moment, Nathini strangled Kukan,” Goyal added. After confirming Kukan’s death, Nathini dumped the body in a narrow street near Kailash Puri Sabzi Mandi.

On Monday, police were informed around 7.10 am. During investigation, the needle of suspicion pointed towards Nathini’s involvement as it emerged that Kukan was last seen with him on the eve of Holi.

Subsequently, Nathini was nabbed at Kailash Puri Chowk.

“Initially, Nathini beat around the bush and tried to trick investigating officers.

However, when the team confronted him with hard facts, he could not give any satisfactory reply and broke down,” Goyal said.

Nathini came to the city in 2011 and worked as a rickshaw puller.