On a suicidal mission

On a suicidal mission

On a suicidal mission

Rangan Style
Kannada (U)¬¬
Director: S Prashanth
Cast: Pradeep, Kanika
Tiwari, Sharath Lohitashwa and others

CD shop owner hates everything about love, even advising his friends, assistant and customers not to fall in the trap. But how long can he resist Cupid? He falls. Hard. And then things go too fast for his comprehension as the world comes crashing down.

Rangan Style tries to do too many things for its hero. The title is catchy - neither ‘old’ nor ‘ultra modern’. Actor Pradeep finally gets that ‘break’. The efforts by the team to live up to the title is quite evident in the first half.

There is also an attempt to dumb it down a little, making the film suitable to so-called Gandhinagar trade sentiments with the director clinging to the old formula. What stands out, however, is the presentation.

The actors’ lack of pretension is what saves the day for the most part. Sudeep’s highly anticipated cameo doesn’t disappoint his fans even as actors like Sharath Lohitashwa are made to cower comically.

Manju Mandavya’s dialogues tread the path created by the likes of B A Madhu and M S Ramesh, not deviating from formula. Music by Gurukiran is so-so. The film could have done without the Bharti Singh dance, which funnily enough, fools viewers into thinking the film has ended.

For, till then, Rangan Style seems a cute, simple love story which, post the song, turns into a suicide story! Deepika Das, in the “bonus portion” of the film, plays villain and manages to convey enough venom in a bitsy part. Pradeep is a treat to watch and Kanika gives him good company along with the likes of Tabla Nani, who is otherwise, wasted.

Rangan Style needs some trimming to savour a nice story.