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Jag Changa (The world is beautiful) is the second album of Raghu Dixit Project. It is the work of many collaborations, musicians, artistes and technicians. The album is a mix of Hindi and Kannada songs with a Tamil song thrown in for good measure. In a way, the album represents the pluralistic nature of our country with many languages, cultures and traditions. Traditional songs and melodies have been given a modern twist.

The album opens with a Kannada song “Parasiva”, with Indian percussion and an upbeat chorus. The song is an ode to strangers and good samaritans from whom we receive unexpected help. The dhol in the background sounds like the Karnataka’s dollu kunitha beat.

The “Rain Song” in Hindi is a slow romantic song (Bheega hai zameen/ Bheega aasman/ Bheega hai pal/ Tum kahan) with imaginative use of percussion and veena. “Sajna” is a similar slow romantic song. The title song, “Jag Changa”, is arguably the most peppy and upbeat song in the album. Lyrically, it could be compared to Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.”

“Yaadon Ki Kyari”, with lyrics by Ankur Tewari, is a nostalgic song in which the singer recalls his childhood memories. “Amma” with lyrics by Madan Karky is the only Tamil song in the album. It is also the first ever Tamil song recorded, performed and sung by Raghu Dixit Project. Mysore H N Bhaskar plays the violin on the song. “Lokada Kalaji” is a Kannada folk song in the North Karnataka dialect.

There is a sufi twist in the intro to the song “Kodagana Koli Nungittha” by the 18th century saint poet Shishunala Shariff. The song is fortified by violin solo, guitar riff and upbeat percussion.

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