An ideal platform to present concepts

An ideal platform to present concepts

Melodious concert

The ‘Construkt Festival’, which was held at the Jayamahal Palace Grounds recently, saw up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists and speakers showcasing their talents under one roof.

The two-day festival had plenty to offer this year and a new category had been added. 

The social impact and culinary section was the new feature this year and it drew a good number of people to the venue.

This section had talks on subjects like ‘Passion is overrated’ and ‘Branded food startups’.

It also had a documentary screening.

Along with talks on various topics, many entrepreneurs also showcased their designs and creativity.

While some people were actively involved in a talk in one part of the ground, others were seen enjoying a melodious concert by youngsters in another corner.

Bharath, an art student, who was also a part of the festival, felt that it was a unique platform and opened his eyes to many new avenues.

 “I always thought that art has no money and that its growth is very slow. However, after taking part in the festival, I realised that this notion is wrong. A lot of people are taking an interest in my work and asking me if I can paint for them. It is a great platform for young people like us,” he says.

Many could be seen lazing around and chatting with friends and family. Creative installations and art pieces added to the look and feel of the festival,” he said. 

Sashikiran, the co-founder of the festival, explained, “We have been running sessions throughout the day.

The festival has made it easier for people to connect and make business possible.

People are meeting with each other and doing more than just sharing their business cards. We have got people from different fields delivering talks and creating awareness about various subjects,” he notes.

Even the hot sun could not deter the spirit of the entrepreneurs.

Some of the events at the fest included a live jam ice-cream demonstration and ‘Designing a travelling lifestyle’.

Visitors and entrepreneurs felt that it was the ideal place to meet people, understand different concepts and learn from each other.