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Last Updated 29 March 2014, 05:33 IST

Ragini IPS  
Kannada (A)  *
Director: Anand P Raju
Cast: Ragini Dwivedi, Avinash, Narayanswamy and others.

Following her song Tuppa beke tuppa in Kalla Malla Sulla, producer K Manju offered actor Ragini a heroine-centric action flick Ragini IPS. Long in the making and in the cans, this film has only two things of note. 

One, that after Malashree and till recently Ayesha, Ragini can pack a mean punch and is better at it too, while being disconcertingly pretty. The action scenes are tailormade to suit the leggy actress. A little more training would have helped her some more. Her acting too has improved but she has not been able to master the tough body language of the cops. 

The other thing of note is the body of dialogues. It is disgusting and a matter to be despaired of that a veteran like K V Raju writes words like the ones used here which would probably land him in jail or set vigilantes upon his track. 

Aimed solely to show women in poor light—even beyond the stereotyping suffered all through these days, the film makes a strong case for at least a crash course on gender sensitivity versus reality and society to filmmakers who want to make so-called heroine-centric movies. 

The script/screenplay doesn't get its facts right and as a result, the police, the judiciary and doctors en masse are protrayed in a way dangerous for the health of today's young consciousness. It's also a pity that the lead actress is most probably unaware of the words she's made to utter. 

Emil joins in the atrocities perpetrated upon the audience with an ill-conceived background score that is apalling to say the least. Nandakumar's camerawork is adequate while K M Prakash is rendered helpless.

Suffice it to say Ragini is seriously let down by her backers and a usually good story is thrown to the dogs somewhat. Must be avoided at all costs.

(Published 28 March 2014, 18:49 IST)

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