A comfortable pace

A comfortable pace

Sandalwood actress Sruthi Hariharan seems to be taking it slow and steady. But the actress, who has just signed her fourth film Sipaayi, says that she wants to do just one film at a time.

Sipaayi is being directed by Rajath Mayee, the associate director of ‘Lucia’. 

“One of the main reasons why I’ve signed the film is because of the comfort level between the director and me. I know the kind of work that he expects and his style,” says Sruthi.  She adds, “Secondly, the script also sounded exciting. It deals with social issues and when I read the script, I knew that I would like to do something like that.” Sruthi will be seen in the lead opposite Siddharth Mahesh who will be making his debut with the film. “I’ve heard that he’s a great actor,” she says.  

Pointing out that in the recent past there has been a wave of good cinema, Sruthi says, “I watched Ugramm, directed by Prashanth Neel, and Ulidavaru Kandante, directed by Rakshith Shetty. I must say that the industry is heading towards a good change. There is a lot of originality which is much needed in the industry. I thought that the screenplay and performances in Ulidavaru Kandante were excellent.” She adds, “I am so glad that we are moving away from re-makes.” 

Meanwhile, the actress, who is looking forward to the release of Savari 2, says that she is a bundle of nerves. “The release date is approaching and it still hasn’t sunk in. I’m getting anxious about it,” she says. 

 However, Sruthi admits that she is not getting as much work as her counterparts. “I know that I am going slow compared to other actors. I don’t want to keep signing films just for the sake of it. And neither am I interested in back-to-back releases,” she says. So does it scare her that she isn’t keeping pace with her contemporaries? “Not at all. That doesn’t scare me one bit. I am confident that being slow and steady will keep me going,” she signs off.