Old numbers thrill crowd

Old numbers thrill crowd

Lively gig

The visitors at Phoenix MarketCity were in for a treat recently with ‘Lucid Dreams’, the band, performing at the mall courtyard.

 This rock ‘n’ roll band set the stage on fire with different classic old-school rock numbers and some originals. 

From a set list of almost 23 songs, the most liked ones included covers of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’. Popular classics like ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’ were also performed. The band also played a few of their own numbers which included numbers with different themes like ‘Father Forgive Them Part 1’, which was about an individual, who is murdered by the society for his ideals; ‘Brains Collide’, a piece about greed and ‘Father Forgive Them Part 2’, about a person who was killed earlier, being reborn as a kid, sees the hypocrisy around and fears the world. Other pieces like ‘Mighty Stripes’ about the tiger being poached and ‘Where’s My Rum?’, a narrative song were also played.

The band members were as excited about the performance as the audience. Deepak Vijaykumar, the lead guitarist of the band, said that this gig at a mall was a first-time experience for the band. “Our set list was also different because of this since we had to perform numbers for our regulars as well as some specifically for the mall crowd. I had even invited my family to the gig,” he said. Deepak said that since the band usually plays heavy metal, this was an interesting experience. 

Vineesh Venugopal, vocalist and founder of the band, said that it was different to perform at a mall as one doesn’t get a constant crowd. “But it was a great gig. We performed different numbers in three sets starting with some covers, then moving on to originals and coming back to some more covers,” he said. Vineesh also said that the response of the audience was good despite getting a moving crowd.

The audience was also excited about the performance. “I always go shopping to Phoenix MarketCity and this was a pleasant surprise to be able to join and enjoy a performance. The courtyard has enough space and the fun part is of how one could just hang out till one wanted to and leave whenever,” said Angaline, a music enthusiast. She also added that the performance was well organised.

Other audience members like Arjun Kumar, a young professional, said that he had never heard such a good mix of music and was glad that he attended the concert. “One could see people enjoying themselves and some head-banging too. The performance was very energetic,” said Arjun.