Visitors from across the world

Visitors from across the world

Colourful Pets

Visitors from across the world

The ‘All-India Fish Show’, an exhibition being held as part of the ‘Family Fair’ at the RBANMS grounds, is an eye-opener with some very rare fishes and birds on display. The fair will go on till May 31.

From children to adults, Bangaloreans were having a great time at the show admiring the birds and fishes. The Red Tail Catfish, a long whiskered catfish named for its orange and red caudal fin and which originates from the Amazon, offers an interesting sight. 

There are also many other varieties like Midas Cichid from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Rosy Barb from Afghanistan and Bangladesh, Severus from South America, Gold Saum from Peru, Guppy from Antigua and Brazil, Silver Shark from Thailand, Piranha from South America, Oranda from China, Ryukin from Japan, Oscar from China, Australia and The United States and Dwarf Gourami from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. One can also have a look at Fire Mouth, Green Lochu, Tato Parrot and Rainbow Shark.

For the children, it was an educative experience while the grown-ups too found this an opportunity to take a look at birds and fishes from all over the world. It was definitely a treat for bird lovers too as some of the birds being displayed at the show are rare and hail from different parts of the world. The Java Sparrow, also known as Java Finch or Java Rice Sparrow, is the highlight of the show. 

Some others  like Frillback Pigeon, Jacobin Pigeon, African Owl, Lahore Pigeon, French  , Fantail Pigeon, Pouter Pigeon, over 10 varieties of Lovebirds from Africa, Finches from Northern Hemisphere etc are also on display.

Gautam Agrawal, who has curated the fish and bird show, says that this is the first time that a bird show has been organised in the City in such a large scale. 

   “All these fishes and birds can be adopted as pets. So we make sure that they are well fed and maintained properly. The birds are left free in the morning before the show opens for public so that they can walk around. We hope that the show creates awareness regarding these creatures and more people come to see them,” he notes.