A rustic water body

A rustic water body


The Kelageri Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Dharwad, situated on the Goa-Alnavar Road. 
The lake endowed with its natural beauty exudes magnificence and lends a mystic beauty to the beholder’s eyes. 
This lake was a brainchild of the  renowned engineer Sir M Visvesvaraya and was built in March 1911 to meet the drinking water and irrigation needs of the people in Dharwad. 

It served the needs of the people for over a century. 
Many years ago, the lake covered a large expanse of area of 230 acres but now the waters have receded and it has reduced in size. 

On the right side of the lake, is the NH 4 with the Pune-Bangalore bypass which gives an easy access to visit the spot.
Two years ago, the lake got a facelift and a beautiful garden was developed around it by the district administration at a cost of Rs 1.60 crore. 

After the lake got a facelift, the number of visitors also increased especially during weekends and holidays and became a favourite hangout of people. 

The Kalmeshwar Temple, built on the edge of the lake, is nearing completion, and will be an added facet. 

The beautiful garden bordering the lake is full of rare ornamental plants and flowers which add to the charm of the environment. 
A walking path constructed with pavement for the convenience of walkers has attracted many joggers from in and around Dharwad. 

Walking on the pavement and watching the sunrise or the sunset at the horizon fills one’s heart with ecstasy.
However, over a period of time the lake has been neglected. 

The garden has lost its sheen due to lack of maintenance and about some 2,000 rare plants have been damaged. 
The authorities who initially showed interest and maintained the lake garden very systematically have not bothered to keep up with the maintenance. 
Now work to develop the Kelageri Lake as a centre of water sports along with a walking track, amphitheatre, children's park, view points and boating facilities is on the cards. 

Presently the road in front of the lake is being further widened. 

A one hundred crore proposal from the government for the developmental works is still waiting for approval. 

If it goes through, it will make this beautiful lake a good picnic spot. 

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