In the lap of greenery

In the lap of greenery

Renovated Park

In the lap of greenery
The recent renovation of Sangolli Rayanna Park and the playground located in 17th Cross, Malleswaram has given the residents of the area the much-needed lung space.

The sprawling old trees and the green ambience of the park and playground has brought smiles back on the faces of children and adults alike.
The park and the playground were renovated a while back by the BBMP and the Brigade Group.

While the infrastructure and planning were done by the Brigade Group, the maintenance is being done by the BBMP.

The park, which had become a bundle of overgrown weeds and shrubs, boasts of an entry plaza with a separate Pergola.

The walkway of the park has been extended and a water feature has been added with trickling effect. The park has around 50,000 square feet of lawn and rainwaterharvesting pits have been created for ground water recharging.

There are 30 different species of trees, 10 medicinal species of plants and more than 250 different varieties of plants apart from shrubs.
Poonam, a resident of the area who frequents the park, says that this facelift of the park has added to the look of the locality.

“The entire neighbourhood looks nice now. The crowd that visits the park is now much better than earlier. The park is much safer and the walkways are quite wide. Earlier, if we wanted to jog or play a sport in the morning, we had to go to Malleswaram grounds, but now we can go to the playground,” she notes.
The playground, which is right across the bridge and on the other side of the park, is a sleek one. The tracks are wide and there are separate spaces for sports such as volleyball, basketball, cricket and a skating rink along with wide tracks for athletes.

Balasubramaniam MN, who headed the project, says that they wanted more people to use the park, hence the pathways were widened. 
 “The walkways were very narrow and deterred people from using the park earlier as there was a space crunch. Also, we wanted to add a water element so that people who wanted to sit and relax could do so,” he says.
“We have also added sculptures of famous freedom fighters and historical figures to beautify the park. We sat with the BBMP team and presented our proposals for the renovation of the park. Fortunately, everything was accepted and soon after, we started the work. People are happy that the park has been renovated and those living in and 
around visit the park regularly. We made sure not to chop down the old trees in the park and worked around them by pruning them, adding manure and removing the weeds,” he adds.
The park and the playground have become important features in the locality and are quite popular with children and youngsters too.

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