People's problems

People's problems

People's problems

Erratic power supply

The residents of TC Palya are facing trouble due to unscheduled power cuts which lasts for three-four hours at a stretch in the night. This is in addition to the erratic power supply during the day. The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company should sort out the issue at the earliest.

Athira Sathyan

Repair roads in Subhashnagar

All the roads in Subhashnagar, Begur hobli are in a very pathetic condition. The misery worsens during the rainy season since rainwater accumulates on road owing to clogged stormwater drainage. No attention has been given to develop the area all these years. Garbage is not cleared regularly in the locality. Hope, the BBMP will take immediate action.

A resident

Ply buses to Channasandra

K Channasandra, located next to Horamavu-Kalkere lack bus connectivity.  Only one from Majestic makes multiple trips to this locality. Hundreds of people who commute from this area to other parts of the city have to depend on autorickshaws. People have to travel from  K Channasandra to Outer Ring Road junction to catch buses.
Despite purchasing bus passes, the residents are unable to make use of the public transport system due to non-availability of buses.

The BMTC is requested to ply more buses to K Channasandra and extend the buses from Horamavu, Jayanthi Nagar and Kalkere till K Channasandra.

K Channasandra residents

Sewage discharged into SWD

The Mahaveer Group is constructing apartments on either side of the 7th Cross, First Main Road of LBS Nagar, near HAL airport area. The workers staying on this construction site let all the sewerage to the stormwater drain  which pollutes the area with nauseating stench. The BBMP, KSPCB and BWSSB authorities have turned a blind eye to this unauthorised discharge of sewerage to the stormwater drain.

To compound the problem, the stormwater drain is partially blocked due to ongoing road works and hence sewerage overflows on the road creating nuissance for the residents.
The authorities concerned are requested to take urgent action in this regard and book the errant builder for violation.


Plug water leakage

Precious water is going down the drains from two valves near the ground level reservoir in MNK Park, Basavanagudi. This has been so for several months despite the fact that the BWSSB sub-divisional office is located hardly a few metres away. It is unfortunate that the authorities concerned have failed to check the criminal waste of water all these days. It is high time that steps are taken to arrest the colossal waste of precious water.

D C Nagesh, Basavanagudi

Speed up work on RoB

The work on the rail over bridge (RoB) at MES Ring Road, which began more than an year ago, has been progressing at snail’s pace.

The bridge, if constructed, would bring relief to thousands of commuters who travel daily from Magadi Road, Tumkur Road etc, towards eastern part of the City.

The road is a crucial link between western and northern parts of the City to Kempegowda International Airport and has a high traffic density.

Traffic jams for at least one km stretch is common sight at this place.
Will the authorities concerned speed up the road work?

B G Gnana Chandra

Footpaths in bad shape

The footpaths on Alexandra Street, Myrtle Lane and Kingston Road in Richmond Town are in bad shape. Garbage and other waste are dumped on the footpath. Motorists do not follow one-way rule on Myrtle Lane and Kingston Road thus putting the lives of pedestrians at stake. Parking along Wellington Street and other narrow roads is erratic, making movement difficult. Noise pollution is very heavy. Richmond Town needs much enforcement of rules to ensure disciplined behaviour.

Hero Vaz, Richmond Town

No clarity on age proof ID

The Railway authorities accept Pan card, voter ID card and ration card showing the age of a senior citizen for allowing concession in train fare. But, the state-owned transport corporations of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, whose buses ply in Karnataka do not accept the senior citizen ID card issued by the Karnataka Government for travel concession. They insist on the identity cards issued by their own state government.

A senior citizen in one state is a senior citizen all over India. So, any proof of age produced for availing the travel concessions should be accepted by any state-owned transport organisation. I appeal NGOs to take up the matter with the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and prevail upon the authorities to issue a circular instructing all the state governments to accept any suitable document as age proof to extend concession in travel fare.

G N Arasu

Unnecessary road humps

Bangalore has too many unnecessary speed breakers which add to the chaos on roads. It is only in Bangalore that road humps have been constructed on main roads and just before traffic signals.

The logic could be that vehicles move at high speed when there are no signals during night. However, it is also to important to understand the right of way for vehicles moving on cross roads and main roads. The vehicles on the cross roads should stop and proceed rather than expecting the traffic on the main road to stop. Smooth movement of traffic on main roads will ensure lesser traffic snarls and thus save precious fuel.

The triple speed hump on Platform Road coming from Majestic towards Malleswaram near Krishna Flour Mills is unwarranted as there is no traffic from the small cross road that joins the main road. This can be definitely removed along with the one near the Metro construction yard. These speed humps create more problems for ambulances shifting patients to hospitals. Hope the authorities concerned will take necessary action.

M A  Raghu, Malleswaram

Postal services denied

The post office in Jayanagar Third Block was closed on April 16  on the ground that the staff has been deputed for election duty. As far as my knowledge, not all the staff in a public utility are drafted for election duty. The post office was close for two more days April 17 and 18, being government holidays. The postal authorities should have taken steps to provide at least minimum service these days in the interest of their customers.
Hope the authorities concerned will see that such incidents do not recur in future.

Subbarao Ramesh, Jayanagar

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