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Last Updated 23 April 2014, 14:24 IST
Management information system, or MIS, generally refers to a computer-based system that furnishes managers with the tools to arrange, assess and competently manage departments within an organization. 
In order to furnish past, present and forecasting information, a management information system can admit software that helps in determining, data resources such as databases, the hardware possessions of a system, decision making systems, people management and project management applications, and computerized actions.

These enable the departments and the organization to run efficiently. 

All business enterprises need human resources who can take care of their information and data requirements.


Technological expertise notwithstanding, organisation seeks IT professionals with sound written and verbal communication skills also because presentations to clients and serving with sales and marketing teams are the usual part of job requirements. 

Information - its invention, publication, storage, retrieval, examination and implication - has become central to the sustenance and growth of most present-day institutions. 
In almost every sphere of our economy, one discovers people dealing with loads of information management, making your knowledge and skills progressively valuable. Career opportunities are diverse and challenging.  

MIS professionals produce information schemes for data management (storing, exploring and examining data). 

In addition, they supervise various information systems to assemble the requirements of managers, staff and customers, work collaboratively with several members of their work group, customers and clients.

Skills and Technology skills: 
Technology obsolesce is a harsh reality today. 
New technologies come out all the time and existing ones disappear.: Social media sites, cell phones and computers are here to stay for sometime. 

Hence a continuous up-gradation is a must Organisation use information latest technology for various needs and  the MIS professionals should be equipped to supervise such systems in order to remain effective.

Analytical skills: Since MIS professionals use technology extensively, to progress in business processes, one should be capable of identifying and evaluating business processes. 

One should be equipped to evaluate these processes, come up with deficiencies and offer alternatives which are likely to address these questions.

Interpersonal/Managerial skills: An MIS Professional should maintain a very open and pleasant communication channel with all, as you cannot make friends just when you need them.

MIS jobs Overview

MIS graduates occupy a critical position which brings them close to the decision makers. 

Business Application Developer, Business Forecaster, Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Analyst, Systems Developer, IT Consultant,  Database Analyst, Information Systems Manager are some of the career choices a MIS professional can look forward to. 

Organizations may take a fresher, as trainee and then train him for specialized job requirements. 


Students going for the master's degree program must generally have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, with a minimum Qualification and marks as demanded by the school in which they seek admission. 


The positions here are diverse and purely organization oriented. 

By and large these positions are headed by senior persons who have spent a considerable time in the organization. 

Since the jobs are at different levels, the  compensations are  variable in sectors such as  Business Forecaster, Business Application Developer, Database officer, Systems Forecaster etc to name a few. 

Freshers usually start at the beginning of the ladder and then over time, move up. 

Salary figure would depend on numerous factors such as your qualification, knowledge in this field and off course the hold on things. 

A fresher’s can earn a monthly salary which ranges between, Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. 

Senior-level MIS professionals can earn anything between Rs 50,000 to Rs. 1, 00,000 or even higher per month.
(Published 23 April 2014, 14:24 IST)

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