'Limitations exist only in the mind'

Last Updated 24 April 2014, 14:24 IST
Model-turned-actress Daisy Shah thought that she would dabble in modelling before taking a plunge into the big screen. 

She feels that any aspiring actress must face the camera confidently, and modelling did her a lot of good in terms of boosting her self-confidence. 

Daisy has acted in a couple of Kannada films, her latest project being Akramana opposite Raghu Mukherjee.

Daisy plays the role of a teacher in the film, which she says is unlike the earlier roles that she has essayed.

“Somehow the whole story revolves around my character. I always believe that the script must be exciting for the character to be intense. The script is the backbone of any film,” she observes. 

Sharing her experience of working in the Kannada film industry, Daisy says she has no problem following Kannada but can’t speak it that fluently.

“There’s a lot of similarity between Marathi and Kannada but I make it a point to understand the meaning. 

Learning Kannada is a constant process for me,” she adds. 

Ask her if not knowing the language is a limitation and she says rather confidently, “Limitations exist only in the mind and I don’t believe not knowing a language is a constraint to moving forward.” 

Recalling some of her memorable projects, Daisy says more than memorable, acting with Salman Khan in Jai Ho was a learning experience. 

“You learn to be disciplined when you work with Salman. He also taught me that one must always challenge oneself rather than get stuck with comparisons. And that’s something I’ve incorporated in my attitude towards work,” she notes.  

If Daisy is not shooting then she’s at the gym, burning those extra calories. 

She feels that an actress must work out to stay fit and look good. 

“Heroines don’t have a very wide market but hard work will ensure that you get goodprojects. I have never gone after projects but somehow I’ve been getting good work and I am happy,” she adds. 

Asked if she was bothered by the many link-ups doing the rounds. 

She answers, “The media is there to create the buzz and when you are in the showbusiness, these things are bound to happen. I read all that and move on.”
(Published 24 April 2014, 14:24 IST)

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