Transforming into a diva

Transforming into a diva


Transforming into a diva

While actress Sharmila Mandre walked away with a sophisticated low pony, top model Pashmina Barker got a makeover of sorts for her nails. And Lakme made it sure that the best in the job had been nailed for the occasion.

Nail expert Gurpreet Seble, who sought to christen today’s women as a glam diva, had been flown in specially for the occasion. Emphasising that the nail grooming industry is the next big thing that’s going to stand out in the beauty business, Gurpreet feels every woman wishes to look more beautiful today than ever before. She feels popular trends in nail beauty are the French twist, leisure holiday and classic flower.

The French twist comes in glitters. You could add any combination of funk to it and stud it with ,anything even a diamond. The leisure look comes in bright colours anything from deep purple to red... one where you can go overboard and get wild and finally the classic look is more sober.

Make-up artist Clint Fernandes loves the eyes and thinks the personality of every woman can be transformed with a makeover for the eye. The dramatic and smoked eye is in. “The idea here is to highlight the eyes. In these times of recession, you could wear a simple plain dress and highlight the makeup, you still look stylish,” he advices.

Lucas Chinappa, the hair expert, says the sophisticated low pony look and the short bob cuts of the 1920s are the vogue. The messed up look is what grabs attention and makes you look chic. Deep purple and red, the seductive violet and coppery brown are just some of the colours that are a rage among women and men.

“The one mistake that women do today is that they go in for hair straightening. I would prefer they refrain from straightening and go for a natural wavy look that is far more attractive, especially for an Indian woman," he feels.