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Last Updated 25 April 2014, 19:01 IST

With temperatures soaring, all that everyone wants to do is drink a lot of juices and eat light. Offering just this at a neat yet humble space is ‘Just Juice’ in Richmond Town with its combinations of juices and shakes.

 One would be amazed at the different offerings considering the small space it has. Owned by Mazherulla Shariff, this joint is co-owned and run by Matheenulla Shariff and Nasurulla Shariff. “It’s been a year since we opened this space and we’re glad that people have accepted us and our combinations with an open mind,” says Matheenulla. 

Look into the menu and one will be amazed by the different fruit juices they have like the ‘Arabian grape juice’, ‘green grape’, ‘guava juice’, ‘litchi lime’ and more. If you are in a fun-filled mood, there are sodas one can experiment with like the ‘mint lime soda’ or a Pepsi masala soda. 

The milkshakes and the different ‘type smoothies’ will blow one’s mind off. “With shakes like ‘almond’, ‘butterscotch’, ‘dry fruit sherbat’, ‘Kiwi milk shake’, ‘papaya milk shake’ and ‘musk melon’, we have something for everyone’s tastebuds,” vouches Matheenulla. This joint also has a unique concept of smoothies with innovative names and different combinations, where one can have a single-flavour smoothie like the ‘eternal spring’ (kiwi), ‘winter icicle’ (honeydew), ‘sunrise pleasure’ (mango) or even smoothies with two, three or four fruits combined. 

Matheenulla says the fast-selling smoothies are the ‘red defender’, ‘eye brightness’, ‘Oh! berries’, ‘pumped up kiwis’, ‘clear skin’, ‘blueberry lover’, ‘morning breakfast’, ‘mango madness’, ‘4 season’ and ‘exam time’. Ask him about the different combinations for the smoothies and Matheenulla says, “All the smoothies have different combinations for a reason and we explain it to the customers when they order it. Each fruit has a different role to serve in the drink.” 

This eatery also has something special to offer — herbal juices which act as health revitalisers. “We have different herbal juices of which the tulasi is for cold and cough, lotus juice is for heart ailments and cholesterol, avocado for retaining youthfulness and well-being of skin and hair, banana stem juice for blood pressure and brahmi juice is good for memory,” explains Matheenulla. 

There are also different offerings for solid juice fans like the ‘solid carrot’, ‘solid pineapple’ and ‘solid pomegranate’. For a quick bite, one can either dig into different sandwiches like the ‘sprouts grilled sandwich’, ‘pepper egg sandwich’, ‘tomato potato cheese grilled’ or even other bites like ‘bread omelette’, ‘cheese bread omelette’ and ‘masala cheese omelette’. 

This eatery also has salads, sweetcorn and momos to offer. This eatery is located at No 14/1, Richmond Crest, Rhenius Street, Richmond Town. For details, call 9141815055.

(Published 25 April 2014, 13:40 IST)

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